Cheaper, Safer, Cleaner Gas!

Natural and propane gas are clean, abundant, cost effective, and come from right here in North America. Below, we’ve provided you with a short list of reasons why using Real-Fyre Gas Logs just makes sense!

Propane and Natural Gas are Clean and Green

Fueling a fireplace with gas, rather than wood, significantly reduces particulate matter released into the atmosphere.

Burning gas logs in place of wood will reduce elements such as carbon monoxide, VOC’s (volatile organic compounds), and other air toxins by 99% or more.

Wood-burning fireplaces give off 100-200 times the pollutants. Due to their efficiency and clean burning, Air Quality districts are now paying residents to switch from wood burning to gas logs in their homes! Consult your local gas provider for more information.

Propane and Natural Gas are Abundant Resources

New technological advances have allowed for the recent discovery of enormous gas resources in North America.

With additional deposits being found each year, enough natural gas has been discovered to meet demand for more than 100 years to come!

The U.S. currently has more than 1 MILLION miles of pipeline to conveniently deliver natural gas to your home or business.

Propane and natural gas are reliable and easily accessible.

Propane and Natural Gas are More Economical

Surveys conducted by RH Peterson from 1996-2005 have reported an average savings of between 41% and 60%.

Since the recent discovery of vast reserves in the U.S. and Canada, natural gas prices have dropped at an alarming rate, while oil remains above $80/barrel.

Since 2003, the price per therm of natural gas has dropped by an estimated 15%.

With Gas Prices going down in the past couple of years, burning your Real-Fyre Gas Logs now costs homeowners up to 67% LESS than burning wood.

Burning wood can be up to 3 times more expensive (per hour) on average, and burning wood consumes trees!

Natural Gas comes from North America

Unlike gasoline and oil, 97.9% of natural gas comes directly from North America.

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