Natural Gas Prices Decline to Near Eight Year Lows!

The price per therm of natural gas dropped below 35¢ on the New York Mercantile Exchange (NYMEX) in October 2010.

Since the discovery of natural gas in shale deposits in the U.S. and Canada over the past few years, natural gas has become more abundant and therefore less expensive. While oil costs remain high, the price of natural gas has been declining sharply.

Average NYMEX Commodity Price for the Year 2003 2010 estimate % Change from 2003/2010
Oil $30/barrel $66/ barrel + 120%
Natural Gas $0.56/ therm $0.475/ therm - 15%

** Information was obtained from the R.H. Peterson website:

“All Fossil Fuels Are Not Created Equal”
Natural gas is an abundant fuel with supplies growing each year (almost all supplies are in the U.S. and Canada – we get NONE of our natural gas from the Middle-East, Africa or South America). Gas is clean, environmentally friendly and economical. Over 1,000,000 miles of natural gas pipelines are in place, making gas the reliable fuel.

Wood-burning in the fireplace gives off 100 - 200 times the pollutants!! Compare usage of gas logs in a fireplace to wood-burning: wood is more than three (3) times as expensive (per hour) on average and burning wood consumes trees!

With on-off fingertip control, starting (and ending) a fire is convenient with gas – often a nightmare with wood; and no allergies, bugs, dirt, carpet burns, chimney fires, required clean-ups, etc... You will spend less than 1/3 per hour with gas logs compared to burning wood... and enjoy their fireplace more and more often!

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