Gas Log Sizing

Sizing your new Peterson Real Fyre gas log set is one of the most important steps in determining which log and burner set will work best for you. Putting too large of a gas log set into the fireplace is the biggest mistake a consumer makes. The simple fact of being able to fit the set in the fireplace is not the only objective.

As nice as it may look to have a log set that goes from wall to wall with-in your fireplace, you will need a certain amount of breathing room to center the set after taking into consideration the space needed to make your gas connections. Not providing enough space for the gas log set can create a difficult install, an off center log set, operational issues, and even potentially ruin a control valve.

Measuring Your Fireplace

Each of the Peterson Real Fyre log and burner sets will have several measurements listed with it to help guide you in fitting your log set.

The first step is to measure your existing fireplace for opening width (A), height (B), rear width (C) and depth (D).
Measuring Your Fireplace

Be sure to only measure the usable floor space of your fireplace. There may be areas that are intended to be used for door installation, fire screens or space that is intended to be purely cosmetic. Comparing these measurements against the measurements provided with each log and burner set will allow you to see if a certain size log set with a specific ignition system will fit in your fireplace.

Peterson Gas Log Sizing Example

As an example lets say you are interested in purchasing a 24" Charred Cedar Vented Log Set / G45 Triple T Millivolt Pilot Natural Gas Burner with Remote. This log and burner set has the following listed Minimum Hearth Dimensions. Width at the mid point of the fireplace - 36" Height - 18" Depth - 15".

And your fireplace measurements are as follows: Opening Width (A) - 42" Height (B) - 22" Depth (D)-15" Rear Width (C) - 32"

By comparing the two sets of dimensions it becomes clear that this log set will fit within this fireplace. There are 4" of additional height over what is needed. The depth is exactly the same at 15". And taking the opening width (42") and rear width (32"), adding them together (74") and dividing by 2 you get the mid-point width of the fireplace which would be 37".

These measurements provided from the manufacturer are meant to allow for safe and effective use of your Peterson Real Fyre Gas Logs.

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