What Are Peterson Fire Logs Made Of?

For over 60 years, Peterson Real-Fyre Gas Logs have provided a natural wood-like fire using high definition bark and natural colors. Many also have hand-painted highlights matching nature's beauty.

Real Fyre gas logs are made of superior refractory ceramics, expanded shales and aggregates and use an advanced calcium aluminate binder. This combination of materials results in: greater compressive strength, higher bulk density; and higher refractoriness (better ability to withstand heat overtime). They also have steel reinforcement rods, which means they will retain their strength and integrity at high temperatures.

All Real-Fyre Gas Logs are accepted by most national and local building codes and authorities, and are available with one or more of the following listings or certifications: C.S.A., C.G.A., R.A.D.C.O, B.O.C.A.

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