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Peterson Gas Log Reviews

Customer Reviews
- Daniel Emery
18" Charred Frontier Oak Vent Free Log / G10 ANSI Certified Burner - Peterson Real Fyre
Easy to order
Nice, uncomplicated order form and site.
- Frank Myers
16" Valley Oak Vent Free Log / G8 ANSI Certified Burner - Peterson Real Fyre
Vent Free Peterson Bedroom Fireplace
I bought this Vent Free Log Fireplace for my sunroom since the last one I had just put out too much heat and you could not regulate the flame. The Valley Oak Vent Free Log set that I bought a month ago looks like a bad choice, you cannot regulate size of the flame, remote after only four starts has quite working and on/off switch for log set does not work. Flame comes from two opening and lava rocks, give off no amber glow. Only good thing that I can say about the unit is the pilot light still starts and does not require a lot of work once you've turned the gas on. Manual provided for this unit, as configured, has incorrect information on burner 12 valve operating information and pilot lighting instructions are not correct. Update**** You are correct this burner does not offer a variable flame or an ember bed. The volcanic rock is strictly decrotive. If these features are important we recommend looking at a G9, G10, G18 or G19 burner. You might need to replace the batteries in your remote or re sync the the remote and receiver. ****
- Kathy
18" Charred Frontier Oak Vent Free Log / G10 ANSI Certified Burner - Peterson Real Fyre
Best purchase ever!
I had gas logs from other manufacturers in my previous 3 homes. They were always so difficult to light and the controls were always stubborn. I thought that must be the norm for all manual gas logs. For my current home, I purchased this set from my local gas light, grill and fireplace store. I am beyond thrilled with them! The quality of craftsmanship is obvious from the sturdy burner to the actual logs themselves. The starter lights the flame with ease and the control knob operates so smoothly. Don't even get me started on the glowing beautiful! I have nothing but rave reviews. Easy installation, user friendly, beauty, warmth, ambiance...what's not to love?
- James
16" Golden Oak Vented Log Set / G45 Triple T Burner - Peterson Real Fyre
R16-G451619N looks and performs great!
Log set and burner assembly arrived quickly - well packaged and protected. Installation was simple with all parts included in kit. The log set and glowing embers look beautiful when ignited, and we were surprised how much warmth/heat the unit provides. Good quality; good value; good performance - we're happy with our choice! Thanks!
- Victoria
34" Campfyre Outdoor Fire Pit Base, Fyre Gems, Burner and Valve
Looks Prefab but nice
We bought this for our backyard, and it works great and the fire looks great, but the whole thing does have a pre-fab look instead of custom install.
- Bobby
G22 18" Vented Contemporary Stainless Steel Glass Burner - Peterson Real Fyre
Really Sleek
The burner and glass really make the fireplace pop now and we love it. Know that the electronic box is large and will be seen in your fireplace. If you do not want this, go with match light and it will look better, but you lose the remote ability.
- Clyde
18" Charred American Oak Vented Log Set / G46 ANSI Certified Burner - Peterson Real Fyre
Needs Better Packaging for the logs
Received our log set by Fedex in only 3 days, but one of the top logs arrived broken. We were still able to setup and install everything though. It took about 10 business days to get a replacement small log. The customer service was great, but just wish they packaged the logs better.
- Millie
Geometric Shapes and Stones - Peterson Real Fyre
Love this accessory
We purchased the assorted stones and they go great with my glass. I even placed a few on the floor because there want enough space on the burner itself.
- Carl
24" Evening Fyre Charred Vent Free Log / G18 ANSI Certified See-Thru Burner - Peterson Real Fyre
My wife and I love it
Easy assembly. Quality product. Easy instalation. Works great. Looks great. Love the remote.
- Jeanne
24" Golden Oak Designer Vent Free Log / G9 ANSI Certified Burner - Peterson Real Fyre
Very Happy
This is both a attractive gas log set, looks "almost real" and warms up the room, too! Installation was a it of a challenge because of the need to add additional tubing to reach the gas.
- Brady
30" Split Oak Designer Plus Vented Log Set / G46 ANSI Certified Burner - Peterson Real Fyre
Lov the fireplace
We bought this to replace our existing gas fireplace insert. Our original one did not have the electric ignition or remote. The fireplace arrived in tow boxes. One was the logs and the other was remote, burner, sand and glowing embers. Once installed the unit looked great and works great. Instructions was easy to follow and swap out was done quickly (had a professional install it since was gas).
- Kristina
Electronic Safety Pilot Kit with On/Off Remote and Receiver - Peterson Real Fyre
love the addition
we previously had the manual safety pilot and upgraded to this and it has been amazing. I know longer worry about my cats and the safety pilot and I can use the remote all the way form my kitchen.
- Perry
24" White Birch Vented Log Set / G46 ANSI Certified Burner - Peterson Real Fyre
thanks sales team
I really knew nothing before wanting to buy this for my house. The sales team through a live chat helped steer me towards the G46 since I wanted a remote and could get the largest set possible. I am sure glad i didn't go with the G45 and only would have been abel to get a 18" set.
- Leon
Contemporary Tri Fold Fireback (brushed or polished stainless steel) - Peterson Real Fyre
Great Buy
We bought this for our G45 Glass burner and it really makes the look of our fireplace much better. strongly consider when purchasing a glass set!
- Mary S.
18" Charred Aged Split Oak Vent Free Log / G10 ANSI Certified Burner - Peterson Real Fyre
Beautiful Set, but the burner is only Ok
We love the look of our set and usually keep it in the fireplace off just for aesthetics. The burner's manual knob is really close to the burner, so it is a little hard to turn on and off. Next time, we will get a remote system instead.
- Harry
30" Evening Fyre Split Vent Free Log / G18 ANSI Certified Burner - Peterson Real Fyre
Great heat Source
This set is beautiful and it produces great heat into our multipurpose room. I love how the valves are hidden to keep a more natural look.
- Jim H
24" Charred Evergreen Oak Vented Log Set / G52 Radiant Fyre Burner - Peterson Real Fyre
Love the Set!
This was a great buy. The sales rep convinced me to get it because of the extra features with the remote and the extra heat it could produce. They were spot on and now can't wait until Winter to really start using it.
- ggb426
24" Post Oak Vented Log Set / G4 Ember Burner - Peterson Real Fyre
Our logs were delivered in 2 days of purchase. The setup was was pretty easy (especially since my daughter and son in law did all the They are just so totally awesome!!!!Best thing I've bought in quite some time!!!
- patrick
16" Valley Oak Vent Free Log / G8 ANSI Certified Burner - Peterson Real Fyre
Poor craftsmanship
We bought this set about 7 years ago when my father was sick. Our parents have always heated with propane stoves so we decided to fix up the old fireplace and install gas logs. It's a small grate so this was one of the few sets that would work. First, we discovered the main knob was installed backwards. Next, the remote control we purchased failed to ever work.(Incidentally, we had a professional do the installation.) Since then it has been a yearly struggle to get it lit even though it is used little and cleaned often. This year I have already disconnected and cleaned it 3 times and finally got it lit, but have little confidence it will function properly through the holiday season. I would recommend this unit to no one.
- Bobby
Pine Cone Crackler- Peterson Real Fyre
Nice Touch
Place the Pine Cone in front of your fireplace and you are close to the real thing. No more hauling in wood and cleaning up afterwards. A little pricey but well worth it!
- Tiffany
30" Golden Oak Vented Log Set / G45 Triple T Burner - Peterson
Real Look and No Mess
Absolutely the most realistic logs and flame that I have seen. We have received a ton of compliments already. No smoke, no lingering smoke smell, no mess to clean up the next day.
- Stan
18" Post Oak Vented Log Set / G4 Ember Burner - Peterson Real Fyre
Beautifully Crafted
We just installed our log set and I have to say the look great even when not being used. The only negative is that they are a little darker then we though they would be.
- Susan
16" Charred Oak Vented Log Set / G45 Triple T Burner - Peterson Real Fyre
Great Gift
I received this product as a gift and it is beautiful. So much nicer than the models you get at the building supply stores. The fire is great and it heats the room well.
- Mike
18" Burnt Heritage Oak Vented Log Set / G4 Ember Burner - Peterson Real Fyre
Peterson Gas Vented Logs
A++ Great product! Fairly easy to set up, the way our fireplace is set up we had to buy an extra kit with a flexible hose from lowes, but other than that it is very easy. It puts off heat if you are within 5' to 10' of the fireplace. However, if you are looking for an additional heat source, you should look at the vent free logs.
- Jane
24" Burnt Split Oak Vented Log Set / G4 Ember Burner - Peterson Real Fyre
Excellent Customer Service
This is a great product, the original series was not in stock so the company helped me pick out an alternative set that was in stock. They look and work great!
- Tim
24" American Oak Vented Log Set / G4 Ember Burner - Peterson Real Fyre
High quality log set
This log set is about as basic as you can get. No pilot light no valves just a burner, rack, logs and a gas line. The reason I like it so much is the craftsmanship is top notch. They are as close to the real deal as you can get. The install was for the most part easy, my gas inlet was on the opposite side so I added a 12" flexible extension pipe. All and all I am very happy with this purchase.

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